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A small group of our clients joins me on an annual cruise and we have a wonderful time. Everyone is independent so we don’t operate as a group as such but there is great camaraderie as a number of people have got to know each other well over the years.

 I have the following fabulous cruises planned for 2023 and 2024; we’ll email you more information as soon as we know which trip you’re interested in.

19 to 26 October 2023 - Dreams of Tahiti cruise on the Wind Spirit

Cruise Options

A graceful yacht is the perfect way to experience the true wonder of Tahiti. Visit one legendary island after another, with plenty of casual time to swim and snorkel in crystal-clear lagoons, meander through lush rainforests, and experience the fascinating Polynesian culture from tikis to tiare flowers.

Everyone raves about the beauty of Tahiti and Bora Bora and a cruise is perfect for experiencing the different islands.

27 October to 9 November 2023 - French Polynesia to Easter Island Expedition with Abercrombie & Kent

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Embark on an adventurous expedition into the heart of French Polynesia and its unique historyspectacular marine environments and UNESCO-designated gems. Led by A&K’s celebrated Expedition Team, snorkel the sapphire waters of the Tuamotu Archipelago and experience the Pitcairn Islands and their shared legacy with the HMS Bounty. You’ll also trace Polynesian culture to its roots in magnificent Easter Island, which you explore for multiple days.

 I’m excited about this trip to remote and rarely visited islands with unique histories, rare fauna & flora and pristine waters.

12 to 26 May 2024 - Land of the Celts Expedition Voyage on the Seabourn Venture

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It will be wonderful if you can join me on this fabulous cruise on the Seabourn Venture with 264 guests. I cruised the East Coast of Greenland & Iceland on the Venture with 16 of our clients in August 2022 and we all agreed that everything far surpassed our expectations. 

This is an interesting cruise with beautiful scenery and a lot to see including plenty of different sea birds, historical sites and some good whisky tasting. We receive rave reviews from everyone who cruises around the UK.

2 to 29 July 2024 - North Pole: the Ultimate Frontier - Luxury Expedition Cruise with Abercrombie & Kent

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Embark on the ultimate expedition to an Arctic frontier like no other as A&K’s award-winning team leads the way. Surrounded by magical ice floes and the stillness of a little-explored world lies the ultimate Arctic frontier — the geographic North Pole. The North Pole has been a source of inspiration, fascination and attraction since the dawn of time. Following in the footsteps of the explorers who once tried to approach these elusive parts, where the infinite ice floes unfold and 700 kilometres (435 miles) from any land, you are part of the chosen few to attempt the odyssey.

 It’s a privilege to explore the polar regions and I do hope that you’ll join me on this incredible voyage of discovery. Allow yourself to be transported to a world where man is simply a spectator and nature reigns supreme.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you plan your ideal holiday – 021 434 9394