The Ultimate Frontier

Join Jann Porter on A&K's Inaugural North Pole Expedition
on Le Commandant Charcot, the world's only Luxury Icebreaker
10 to 27 July 2024


The North Pole has been a source of inspiration, fascination, and attraction since the dawn of time. Following in the footsteps of the explorers who once tried to approach these elusive parts, where the infinite ice floes unfold, 700 kilometres (435 miles) from any land, you are part of the chosen few to attempt the odyssey.

Being surrounded by ice and seeing polar bears are both top travel highlights that I can highly recommend plus an added bonus is that the seas aren’t rough on this cruise.

From Spitsbergen, youll sail the northern waters, at the edges of the Earth, where the landscapes change constantly according to the ice and the plays of light.

Nature reigns supreme here, sheltering abundant wildlife including polar bears, Arctic foxes, seals, and whales.

What to Expect on Your North Pole Expedition

Active Adventure

Dive right into the Arctic adventure with opportunities to hike, kayak or take an invigorating polar plunge.

Enrichment at Sea

Delve into a wealth of enriching onboard programs and scientific workshops presented by our acclaimed experts.

Pamper Yourself in Style

Unwind with a luxurious complement of spa and wellness amenities as breath taking Arctic panoramas drift past.

Polar Wildlife

Explore the marginal ice zone, home to seal, whale, seabirds, and the elusive polar bear.


Fernando Barroso de Oliveira

As A&K Chairman’s Ambassador, Fernando hosts your cruise with his own special brand of joie de vivre. A natural raconteur who’s fluent in seven languages, his instinctive rapport and boundless enthusiasm for exploration and discovery are a delight to experience. Fernando has cruised the world over decades in travel, forging lasting connections with every place he’s gone and every person he’s travelled with — and he looks forward to doing the same with you.

Le Commandant Charcot is an extraordinary ship with a guest capacity of 235 - limited to 199 on this charter.

The polar experience is further enhanced through exceptional facilities such as the Blue Lagoon, an outdoor pool heated by recuperated energy; the Snowroom, an invigorating snow bath to use immediately after the sauna; and the circular promenade deck equipped with heated benches and spotting scopes.


Le Commandant Charcot provides a rare and exceptional ambiance for every guest welcomed onboard and reinforces the feeling of sailing on a private yacht. 

All suites / staterooms have a private balcony or terrace.

Duplex Suites

At the rear of decks 6 and 7 are four stunning 94 m² (1,011 ft²) Duplex Suites equipped with private terraces and jacuzzis.

Suite de l’Armateur

The breathtaking 115 m² (1,237 ft²) Suite de l’Armateur (Owner’s Suite) on deck 8 features wide sliding glass doors offering stunning panoramic views and opening out onto a 186 m² (2,002 ft²) private terrace.


Chef Alain Ducasse and his team offer contemporary French cuisine of the highest standard. These artists align culinary know-how and cutting-edge kitchen technology to bring dishes worthy of the world’s top restaurants to the sea.

Environmentally Friendly Exploration

Le Commandant Charcot is paving the way as the first deep polar exploration cruise ship that’s equipped with a hybrid liquefied natural gas propulsion system (currently the cleanest energy available). With the use of the latest green technologies this minimises the impact of your polar odyssey on the planet and makes a positive contribution to the people and lands that you visit.

Scientific research facilities on board include laboratories and a team of researchers in disciplines such as glaciology, oceanography, marine biology, climatology, and the social sciences.

Promotional Offers that are well worth considering:

Book Category 1 @ $47 995 per person and receive an automatic upgrade to Category 4 which is 40% bigger and usually priced @ $56 995 per person; a saving of $9 000 per person.

Reduced Single Supplement from $9 749 instead of $19 497.50

The charter flights (Oslo / Longyearbyen / Oslo) are an additional $2 500 per person.

Webinar with A&K expert Kim Guimaraes and Expedition Team Leader, Steffen Graupner

Herewith a link to a 36-minute North Pole webinar to hear about this bucket list destination where few have gone.

It’s a privilege to explore the polar regions and I hope that you’ll join me on this incredible voyage of discovery. Allow yourself to be transported to a world where man is simply a spectator and nature reigns supreme.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you plan your ideal holiday – 021 434 9394