ZEGRAHM EXPEDITIONS Ultimate Maldives, a snorkelling and diving adventure from 24 April to 4 May 2021

Cruise through the lesser-visited southern Maldives aboard the luxurious 26-guest diving live-aboard, Emperor Serenity. 
Join ZEGRAHM EXPEDITIONS Ultimate Maldives with daily snorkel or dive options, you’ll enjoy multiple opportunities to search for whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, manta rays, and dolphins backdropped by the stunning underwater topography.


ZEGRAHM EXPEDITIONS Ultimate Maldives - Voyage Highlights

ZEGRAHM EXPEDITIONS Ultimate Maldives – Cruise through the central islands of the Maldives to witness colourful reefs teeming with healthy populations of tropical fish. Search for a variety of large pelagic species, including white-tipped reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, manta rays, turtles, and dolphins, as well as swirling schools of barracuda and tuna. Enjoy two dive or snorkel excursions daily, visit with locals, and step ashore on tiny islands for beachcombing and sundowner drinks. Explore the fascinating underwater topography—a dramatic landscape of thilas, pinnacles enveloped in brilliant corals and sea fans, and kandus, deep channels between reefs and atolls.

Featured Experts

ZEGRAHM EXPEDITIONS Ultimate Maldives - Brad Climpson


Expedition Leader
Brad hails from Sydney, Australia and has B.S. degrees in both marine biology and zoology. With the Great Barrier Reef
serving as both playground and laboratory, Brad has an intimate knowledge of how complex reef systems work and
his interest in the underwater world has taken him all over the world. An accomplished dive-master and underwater photographer,
Brad has a passion for interacting with nature and haring his knowledge with travellers. Jann has been on two trips with Brad Climpson and he’s a fantastic Expedition Leader and wonderful to explore the underwater world with.

ZEGRAHM EXPEDITIONS Ultimate Maldives - Mike Murphy


With a background as a deep-sea commercial diver, Mike has had the opportunity to dive in almost all of the world’s seas.
He has also captained his own charter boat and has explored extensively from the east coast of the US to the Indian Ocean.
Mike’s travels have taken him around the globe, and he has worked on both large and small expedition vessels,
introducing travellers to a variety of underwater wonders.


Zegrahm Expeditions is a company of explorers and adventurers. For over 30 years, we have shared our passion for unique experiences with like-minded travellers by weaving together the world’s most inspiring and remote destinations, on all seven continents, into one-of-a-kind itineraries. With a return traveller rate of over 70 percent, here’s why our travellers return time and again:

Innovative Itineraries – Each year our field leaders and program managers build a unique line-up of expeditions far removed from the standard routes that allow you to fulfil your passion for exploration and adventure.

World-Class Leaders – Zegrahm builds the ultimate dream team for each itinerary. These experts are just as eager to share their in-depth knowledge as they are to make new discoveries right alongside you while exploring each destination.

Respect for Our World – Our off-the-beaten-path itineraries offer you the chance to fully immerse yourself in the culture and natural history of a destination. And we believe these authentic interactions allow us to better understand, appreciate, and protect the world in which we live.

All-Inclusive Exploration – We give you the freedom to focus on immersing yourself in the destination and expedition experience, without having to worry about the finer logistical details of off-the-beaten-path exploration. To that end, we are pleased to include virtually everything in the cost of your trip.

Outstanding Guest Service – With Zegrahm, you travel in expert care from the moment you make your reservation until you board your flight home. Our outstanding guest services team takes care of every last detail of your trip, ensuring you have the best possible expedition experience.

To ensure guests enjoy an intimate experience and the best staff-to-guest ratio, Zegrahm limits capacity on its small-ship cruises to just 26 to 150 passengers and limits its wildlife adventures and cultural journeys to accommodate just 9 to 18 guests per tour.


As a company of explorers and adventurers, Zegrahm Expeditions is committed to crafting innovative and unique itineraries,
and for 2021, they’re continuing to focus on providing first class service before, during and after their expeditions.
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Zegrahm is an excellent company offering indepth explorations. 

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