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Early booking is essential for World Cruises so herewith the dates and itinerary overviews for the 2022 and 2023 World Cruises on Crystal Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Seabourn,  Silversea and Silversea Expeditions. It’s mostly possible to also book shorter segments and we’ll check prices and availability as soon as we know which itineraries / areas you’re interested in.

2022 World Cruises


Crystal Serenity - Myths, Marvels & Monuments: A Cultural Mosaic

What is it that fuels your travel dreams? Is it a desire to unlock mysteries far and wide, from the myth of the demigod Maui who raised Polynesian isles with his fish hook to the intrigue of Paphos where Aphrodite was born, or Olympia where Zeus once ruled? Are you dazzled by the marvels of man, such as the ancient tomb of King Tut and Pink City of Petra or the more modern Panama Canal, Sydney Opera House and Singapore skyline? Perhaps you yearn to explore bucket-list monuments, from Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock to the Duomo in Florence, the Acropolis in Athens and the Colosseum in Rome.

Crystal Serenity’s 2022 World Cruise is a true cultural mosaic, weaving together a kaleidoscope of fascinating myths, marvels and monuments on a grand circumnavigation from Miami or Los Angeles. Journey to New Zealand, Australia, Bali and India, onward to discover the sheikdom of Oman, the treasures of Istanbul and historic ports in the Black Sea. Navigate legendary Mediterranean waters and choose to disembark in Monte Carlo, or savour a blissful Atlantic crossing until you arrive full circle, enriched and enlightened. Embark on this extraordinary odyssey with Crystal, and discover a world Where Luxury is Personal.


116-night, Miami roundtrip from 17 January to 13 May 2022; prices are from $52 601 per person sharing
102-night, Miami to Monte Carlo from 17 January to 29 April 2022; prices are from $47 243 per person sharing
116-night, Los Angeles roundtrip from 2 February to 29 May 2022; prices are from $52 601 per person sharing
100-night, Los Angeles to Miami from 2 February to 13 May 2022; prices are from $46 122 per person sharing
86-night, Los Angeles to Monte Carlo from 2 February to 29 April 2022; prices are from $40 764 per person sharing


Regent Seven Seas Mariner - 120-night Elements of the Pacific

San Francisco roundtrip from 4 January to 5 May 2022

Over the ages, the elements of our world crafted and shaped the globe. The waters of the Pacific are now lined with a menagerie of captivating lands, from lush, green isles boiling up from the deep to towering, snow-covered peaks and the ice-carved valleys running between them. The contrasting beauty found throughout the Pacific Rim gives glimpses into the awe-inspiring power of the elements that built and defined these regions.

Escape to the inviting waters of the South Pacific, from Polynesia to Melanesia, experiencing the ocean-centric culture of Tahiti on an overnight in Papeete and uncovering the pristine beauty of seas surrounding these incredible islands. Step across the verdant earthen wonders of Australia and New Zealand and savour the fiery flavours found throughout Southeast Asia. Capture the striking aesthetics of Angkor Wat on an Overland Programme from Ho Chi Minh City and witness the cultural splendour of Japan’s Edo Period brought to life through Himeji-jo when exploring these and more of the dozens of UNESCO World Heritage Sites available on your journey. Continue across the northern Pacific, from the volcanic realms of Petropavlovsk to the majestic ice fields of Alaska, for an epic conclusion to an unforgettable voyage.

Prices are from $63 499 per person sharing and pricing for the segments is available on request.


Seabourn Sojourn - 145-Day World Cruise: Extraordinary Horizons

Los Angeles to Athens from 11 January to 6 June 2022

Seabourn is offering an unforgettable journey around the globe with its 2022 World Cruise, Extraordinary Horizons, a 145-day voyage on the Seabourn Sojourn, visiting 72 extraordinary destinations and ports in 28 countries on five continents. This voyage will feature a combination of visits to popular marquee ports, cosmopolitan cities and smaller hidden gems; include 20 overnight stays in world-renowned destinations such as Sydney, Australia and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam as well as a two-night / three-day stay in Shanghai, China; and linger late into the evening in 21 ports, offering guests ample opportunities to explore these fascinating destinations in depth.

The ultra-luxury Seabourn Sojourn will depart Los Angeles on 11 January 2022 and travel westbound, visiting Hawaii, the islands of the South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, a number of destinations in Asia, Arabia, Africa, before ending in Athens, Greece, on 6 June 2022. Among the notable highlights is Seabourn’s return to Egypt since 2014, with an overnight visit scheduled for Safaga (Luxor), as well as a stop at Sharm el-Sheikh.

Prices are from $70 029 per person sharing for the full 145-day voyage and pricing for the segments are from $13 714 per person sharing.

Asia, South Pacific Islands, Seabourn, India, Hao Long Bay


Silver Whisper- 136 day The Tale of Tales

Fort Lauderdale to Copenhagen from 6 January to 22 May 2022

Journeying from 65°S to 65°N, the Silver Whisper will visit 69 destinations across 32 countries, departing 6 January 2022. Accompanied by a celebrated line-up of illustrious creatives, Silversea’s guests will transit the Panama Canal, cruise the Chilean Fjords, step foot on land in Antarctica, walk among the spectacular wildlife of South Georgia, relax on remote beaches in the Seychelles, admire Petra in Jordan, discover the Holy Land and the highlights of the Mediterranean, before exploring the natural wonders of Northern Europe, as well as enjoying many more once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Prices are from $66 200 per person sharing and pricing for the segments is available on request.

World Cruise - Copenhagen, Petra, Silversea, Oslo, Greece


The First Expedition World Cruise in History: The Uncharted World Tour aboard the Silver Cloud

from Ushuaia, Argentina to Tromsø, Norway from 25 January to 11 July 2022

Setting sail on 25th January 2022, Silversea’s 167-day Uncharted World Tour will be the first Expedition World Cruise in history.
This pioneering voyage will take adventurous travellers across 21 oceans and seas, calling at 107 remarkable destinations in 20 countries including Antarctica; the paradisiacal South Pacific; Easter Island; Melanesia to hike and hear the mating calls of Birds of Paradise; Australia’s wild north; Indonesia; Muscat; the Suez Canal and Luxor in Egypt; Greece; the Mediterranean; Western Europe; cruise up the Thames to sail through Tower Bridge’s iconic arches; Iceland and Svalbard.

Enriching the experience for guests, 70 leading experts and 20 guest speakers will join the voyage, sharing their insights as the Silver Cloud travels to some of the most remote locations on earth.

Prices are from $137 600 per person for the full 167-day voyage and pricing for the segments is available on request.

World Cruise - Anarctica, South Georgia, South Pacific Islands, Polar Bears, Easter Island

2023 World Cruises


Crystal Serenity – Wild Kingdoms & Exotic Discoveries


From idyllic discoveries in Tahiti, the Seychelles and Maldives to the wilds of Papua New Guinea’s eco-diversities and the wonders of Africa’s Big Five safaris, Crystal’s 28th annual World Cruise is an epic odyssey exploring kingdoms both ancient and wild, landscapes both iconic and secluded, and monuments both natural and man- made. Join Crystal Serenity to discover archaeological treasures in Machu Picchu, Bagan, Petra, Luxor, Ephesus and beyond. Follow legendary spice routes to explore Bali, Java, Sri Lanka and Zanzibar. See India’s iconic temples and delve into history in Athens and Rome. Explore the beauty of Venice and the art of Barcelona. Navigate iconic coasts from Dalmatia to Amalfi and stroll famed beaches from St. Barts to St-Tropez.

Enjoy exclusive benefits as a Full World Cruiser, travelling from Miami to Barcelona in 140 nights, with options to disembark early in Venice for a 128-night voyage or Athens for a 119-night voyage.


119-night, Miami to Athens from 11 January to 10 May 2023; prices are from $42 129 per person sharing
128-night, Miami to Venice from 11 January to 19 May 2023; prices are from $45 929 per person sharing
140-night, Miami to Barcelona from 11 January to 31 May 2023; prices are from $50 679 per person sharing


Regent Seven Seas Mariner – 143-night Navigate the World Beyond the Horizon

Miami to Barcelona from 7 January to 30 May 2023

Beyond the horizon is a voyage as epic as your penchant for adventure. A voyage that can be a full-fledged, life-changing immersion in dozens of foreign cultures — or a carefully curated, relaxing escape to the far corners of the world. Every day delivers freedom and the opportunity to choose how you experience each wondrous destination, all while enjoying the unparalleled luxury and comfort of the most elegant world cruise ship on the seven seas. 

Beyond the horizon you’ll be drawn to the wild and infinite beauty of a natural world that changes with each port of call. Discover new perspectives to consider, new flavours to taste, new music to dance to and new sights to behold. Take hold of the many chances to grow and expand your appreciation of the cultural gifts that await in other parts of the world.

Come aboard Seven Seas Mariner in 2023 for a once-in-a-lifetime experience on a 143-night journey that sets off from Miami, Florida and concludes its magical voyage in the equally magical city of Barcelona, Spain. All told, you’ll have 11 in-port overnights, 48 UNESCO World Heritage sites and over 350 FREE Shore Excursions to tempt your spirit of discovery.  

Prices are from $76 199 per person sharing and pricing for the segments is available on request.

South Pacific, India, Asia

Early booking is essential for World Cruises and we’ll check prices and availability as soon as we know which itineraries / areas you’re interested in.

There are so many great options and with missing out on travel opportunities in 2020, we’re sure that you’d love to have a fabulous cruise to look forward to.

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