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The Northwest Passage with Geoffrey Kent: From Greenland to the Bering Sea

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Limited to 199 guests | 24 days from $32,995 (was $36,995)
23 August to 15 September 2022

Join A&K Founder Geoffrey Kent on an extraordinary expedition through the rarely transited Northwest Passage, voyaging from western Greenland through the Canadian Arctic to Nome, Alaska. Follow in the footsteps of legendary polar explorers alongside A&K’s famed Expedition Team‚ including an Inuit cultural expert, while experiencing iceberg-laden shores, remote Inuit villages, historic islands and spectacular geological wonders. Backed by over 30 years of cruising experience, A&K’s Luxury Expedition Cruises are all-inclusive adventures set aboard exclusively chartered expedition yachts and led by an unparalleled Expedition Team and expert guides.

Jann did this trip in August 2015 and it was incredible! Very interesting historically; a mix of beautiful scenery as well as some very stark areas; plus we were very lucky as we had wonderful polar bear sightings and also saw the Northern Lights most nights in our last week. Please let us know if you’d like to discuss this trip in more detail.

Book with confidence before 10 December 2021 and you may change or cancel your journey up to 15 days prior to departure for a COVID-19-related reason.

6 Reasons to Cruise the Northwest Passage with A&K

Northwest Passage
Inuit Communities

Achieve the holy grail of polar exploration

Discover spectacular landscapes

Meet with remote Inuit communities

Trace highlights of Roald Amundsen’s 1906 route and pay reverence to less fortunate explorers on Beechey Island, a place of safe harbor and peril for Sir John Franklin and his crew.

Feast your eyes on geological wonders from Greenland’s Ilulissat Icefjord and the iceberg-studded Uummannaq Fjord to the “Smoking Hills” in the Northwest Territories, found only in the far north.

Spend time with the enduring cultures that have long coexisted with the wild passage, such as Ulukhahtok’s rarely visited Inuit, who offer a warm welcome, drum dances and a feast at the shore.

Northwest Passage 3

Experience wildlife in its true domain

Explore with real-life Arctic experts

Adventure in total luxury

Your expedition ship offers one of the best vantage points from which to see polar bears and their cubs hunting on ice floes, as well as beluga whales, puffins and the rare narwhal.

Sail with A&K’s deeply experienced Expedition Team, an extraordinary band of real-life explorers ranging from scientists to Polar Medal winners to native Inuit and Canadian Arctic lecturers.

From selecting the ideal vessel to cherry-picking the most seasoned staff and crew, every aspect of our exclusively chartered voyage defines unrivaled luxury in the Northwest Passage.


Follow in the Footsteps of the Great Arctic Explorers in Authenticity and Style

Watch webinar narrated by A&K expert Bob Simpson and special guest David Reid, A&K Naturalist Guide, for an in-depth look at our Northwest Passage Cruise for 2022. A&K’s Luxury Expedition Cruises are all-inclusive adventures set aboard exclusively chartered small ships, while an unparalleled Expedition Team and expert guides lead insight-packed excursions that reveal spellbinding Arctic landscapes, rare wildlife and fascinating history from Western Greenland to Nome, Alaska.

Bob Simpson

About David Reid
A Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society, David has participated in more than 300 Arctic and Antarctic expeditions and projects, including 18 successful expeditions through the Northwest Passage. He has travelled thousands of miles by dog sled, ski, snowmobile, boat, kayak, ship and foot; recently, he became the first person to cross Baffin Island by fat tire bike. A native of Scotland, David has lived in the Arctic and now resides in Burnstown, Ontario.
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David Reid

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