Volcanic, Remote and Exotic

The Galápagos Islands are a fascinating combination of science and wonder where you can witness the forces that are said to have created our planet. The Ecuadorian archipelago is made up of 19 islands and dozens of inlets. This enchanting ecosystem is home to unique wildlife that is found nowhere else on earth. Discover the origin of Charles Darwin’s scientific breakthrough on these “Enchanted Isles”, where the laws of evolution can be clearly observed at this spectacular year-round destination.

Galapagos animals

The hot and rainy season - January through June

This is the sunniest time of year when the warmer water temperatures attract snorkellers and swimmers. It rains most days but only for short periods. This is also the breeding season for land birds, so it’s likely that you’ll witness some unusual mating rituals. You may also find Galápagos green turtles nesting on the beach.

The cool and dry season – July through December

The Humboldt Current brings colder water and weather to the islands. It also creates a sea rich in nutrients and plankton, which attracts birds and fish, such as the albatross. This is the mating season for Blue-footed Boobies and Short-eared Owls with their dramatic courtships; Genovesa Island is the perfect place to observe their rituals. It’s not until December that the hatching season begins for giant tortoises.

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The Galapagos with Silversea


 The Silver Origin offers 7-day cruises (Saturday to Saturday) following either a Western or a North Central route. The Western Itinerary has the biggest marine iguanas, more turtles, the Galapagos penguins and the flightless cormorant. The North Central Itinerary goes to the older islands that are more arid and moonlike; they have warmer waters for snorkelling and the opportunity to spot the waved albatross.

Prices are from $9 270.00 per person sharing.


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