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“The unparalleled success of Crystal began with – and is still rooted in – an expressed commitment to a superior standard of excellence and level of service within the luxury hospitality industry. This standard is one that Crystal continues to raise.”

Crystal Endeavor

The Crystal Endeavor, a spacious luxury expedition yacht, debuted in July 2021. With a sleek design built to PC6 Polar Class specifications and anchor-free dynamic positioning technology, she is set to explore the farthest reaches of Earth, from Antarctica, the Russian Far East and the Northeast Passage to Japan, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and beyond. 

Curated, all-inclusive journeys span the globe to offer intrepid adventures and fascinating insights into the world’s most remote destinations. Travelling in all-suite, all veranda comfort, a mere 200 guests will be hosted by Crystal’s award-winning staff, attentive butlers, and team of expedition and destination experts. Prepare for unexpected discovery, Zodiac adventures, rare wildlife sightings and intimate connections with little-explored landscapes and intriguing cultures. Explore with Crystal, and embark on an expedition…Where Luxury is Personal.

Antarctica, Japan, Ha Long Bay


The world’s most spacious luxury expedition yacht debuted in July 2021 with a series of 10-night Luxury Iceland Expeditions circumnavigating the country round-trip from Reykjavík, followed by voyages to South America and Antarctica.


The Crystal Endeavor will offer 28 voyages of nine to 19 nights, with nearly two-thirds of these classified as “Remote Expedition” sailings that will visit the High Arctic and Antarctica, Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland, the Falkland Islands, and Chilean fjords & glaciers. These designated voyages focus on the rugged and remote adventures of the destinations, with Zodiac landings, invigorating hikes, volcano explorations, wildlife observation and other bold pursuits.

The remaining itineraries comprise concentrations on “Cultural Discovery” – distinguished by an emphasis on connecting to the traditions and history of the region and its people – and “Destination Exploration” – highlighting the natural wonders and beauty of the destination. The itineraries explore the heart of Western Europe, the British Isles, Africa’s Ivory Coast, the Caribbean and the Panama Canal. All will feature expert guidance and insight into the destinations from Crystal Endeavor’s team of expedition leaders.


From extreme polar regions to remote tropical isles, the Crystal Endeavor explores the world’s most intriguing destinations in 2023 with extraordinary insight. Let your inner explorer guide you in choosing the voyage that speaks to your own personal sense of adventure: Remote Expedition, Destination Exploration or Cultural Discovery.

From Antarctica and Svalbard to the Russian Arctic and The Ross Sea. Extreme adventure awaits on a Northeast Passage transit or Faroe Islands journey, while remote offshore islands tempt with the promise of rare discovery, from Brazil’s Arquipélago dos Albrolhos to Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Archipelago. Consider immersive itineraries of less-frequented Mediterranean ports throughout Andalusia, Morocco and the Côte d’Azur, or unique explorations by river to dock in the heart of Seville, Rouen and Bordeaux. Enjoy springtime in the British & Scottish Isles and autumn in Japan to see spectacular gardens awash in vibrant colour. From Kamchatka and The Kurils to the Great Barrier Reef and Tasmania.

Endeavor Suites


  • Expedition Suite (119.8m²) features a two-bedroom layout or the Expedition Penthouse (91.5m²) as a one bedroom. 
  • Owners Suite (105m²) features a one-bedroom layout and connects to an adjacent Deluxe Suite through an adjoining entry.

         The above suites offer dedicated dining areas and butler’s prep space for in-suite dining from any of the Michelin-level eateries. 

  • There are eight Penthouse Suites (42.5 ) and 90 Deluxe Suites (28.3 ) all offering separated sleeping and sitting areas, private verandas and desk vanity areas.


Bold. Innovative. Unexpected. The culinary experience aboard Crystal Endeavor is as adventurous as the journey, tempting the senses into a world of extraordinary flavours and discovery.

“Every facet of Crystal Endeavor is meant to take travellers beyond their previous travel boundaries and expectations. Her exceptional design, luxury accommodations, and amenities have already set the stage for this and with her journeys, travellers have a tremendous glimpse of the grand discoveries in store for this ground-breaking yacht,” said Crystal president and CEO Tom Wolber. “Crystal Endeavor will take guests to remote destinations not typically accessible on a cruise, as well as some iconic places, albeit with a decidedly adventurous twist.”

Cruise Week report - Endeavor: Standout Aspects & Features

Dennis Nienkirk, of Texas-based Strong Travel, cruised around Iceland on the brand new Crystal Endeavor from 16 to 26 August 2021 and this is his final report highlighting three aspects:

1) The Expedition Team
The expedition crew of at least 40 very experienced guides and support personnel conduct all the shore experiences and tours. Several also give very interesting lectures.

Endeavor made eight stops, including four dockings during the island’s circumnavigation. Zodiac tours and kayaks are available in all of the tiny Icelandic towns, as are complimentary tours. Guided hikes, some lasting up to four hours, are also included. Next year two helicopters and a submarine will be aboard the Endeavor for extra cost tours ($900 per person for an hour in the sub).

2) The Captain and the Bridge
The tour of the bridge looks like something straight out of Star Trek. More than 50 large flat screens display massive amounts of information; not a piece of paper or charts anywhere – everything is digital. In addition there is a unique “bridge viewing room” in which passengers can watch activities whenever they want through a glass screen. 

The bridge tour and experience is given by the captain who has been with the ship since construction began over two years ago and clearly loves his ultra high-tech vessel.

3) A Different Ambiance
Concerning the contrast between a traditional Crystal cruise and the Crystal Endeavor, the expedition angle is attractive to many veteran cruisers because it’s more adventurous and involves a more active passenger participation. Endeavor is more casual than other Crystal cruises, with many passengers not even packing a jacket.  

Many of the passengers I talked with said they just wanted to “cruise somewhere;” not caring so much where the ship actually sailed, but happy to be back cruising on their beloved Crystal. They liked the unique itineraries, enabling veteran cruisers to go to places they haven’t been able to go to before. Compared to the traditional Crystal cruiser, they appeared to be in better physical condition, more intellectually curious, and more adventurous.

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